I recently graduated in International Relations and specialized in Arabic and later this year I'm planning to start a master in event organisationInshallah! 
If you want to know me really well you need only three words: Family (including my dogs and my friends), Traveling and Music.
I try to enjoy the life to the fullest, and to do so you need to travel. I inherited the passion for travelling from my mom and I had the great fortune to visit a great part of the world while still a child. I love my country but many timesfeel I have to take the luggage and just leave… I lived in Berlin, one of my favourite cities ever, and Rabat, to practice my Arabic.
Music has accompanied me since i was born, I listen to all kinds of music: classical, alternative, old music from 20's, 30's or 40's …but I have two main and substantial types of music that reflect my personality, which I consider to be Rock music and Hip Hop. 
Lastbut not least, I am a bookworm. And a food lover! I hate to cook even though I love Italian cuisine and Asian in general (sushi mainly). Oh and tattoos! Im really into them, like ALOT.