I have recently finished my masters in Urban Development Planning at University College London and came to El Alto (an amazing city in La Paz, Bolivia) to do research for my thesis. I previously lived in Rome, Amsterdam, Maastricht, California and San Salvador.
In the last few years I have been trying to understand how justice can be materialized in a universal manner (I'm aware that it is a utopian idea but it can be an interesting mind game once you are engaged).
I am interested in classic novels, specially those written by Latin American authors. Although I also enjoy reading other classics like Hemingway or Kerouac. I cannot lie that next to my night table there's a book on political philosophy, my field of interest.
Music is a big element in my life. I enjoy new music quite a lot, such a as Nicolas Jaar, Tame Impala and Foals amongst others. My biggest pleasure is classic rock though. Pink Floyd, led zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, the Rolling Stones!