Kabir Mokamel, the Afghan Banksy

On the blast wall surrounding Afghanistan's intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, the are two big eyes stare out at the city street with the message: "I see you", a warning to corrupt politicians.  

The murals credit goes to Kabir Mokamel, a 40 year old Afghan artist who takes aim at corruption with blast wall art.
After returning to Afghanistan from Australia, where he sought refuge during fighting in the 1990s, Mokamel's goal is to use the protective concrete walls that surround Kabul's most important buildings as canvases to beautify the city and inspire people with messages of social change. By painting the concrete slabs with richly colored murals addressing what he views as the ills of Afghan societ, Mokamel is giving a sign of hope and (r)evolution.

- Leyla

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