One of the many variations of hypocrisy

It is very true that the world is suffering from different kinds of terrorism. In the mainstream field of vision, we have been introduced to the names of Boko Haram, Taliban, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda. Being familiar with these issues is no entertainment matter, on the contrary, it is devastating. In the past few years, Europe and the Middle East have mostly been more and more acquainted with ISIS. This was the result of recurring shooting, bombings, and suicide attacks in major cities of the aforementioned regions. The nature of these attacks have been viral, but let’s be honest, the virus was recognized after the symptoms had been experienced in Europe. Otherwise, the impression was that the aches in the Middle East were humbly tolerated.

The point of my piece is to protest my fellow citizens, reminding them how offended they felt when Europeans actually cared and showed concern for what happened in Europe. Why were they just beginning to recognize terrorism as a problem, why would not they show this sympathy when it was already causing conflict in our country, why were they so Euro-centric? The questions asked then could be repeated, although it is debatable whether they are valid ones, given that humans feel threatened mostly when it is themselves, or their own group, that is facing the danger. I would like to direct a similar reproach now to the citizens of Turkey, after –I do not know how many- things happening in Kilis, a small city of Turkey bordering Syria. Why have not we talked about ISIS attacking there, with their elaborate deck of rockets? Why is it that not many people have been claiming that we are practically under the attack of a terrorist group under our nose? Is it because as Turkey is not of awful importance to Europeans, Kilis is as insignificant to the rest of Turkey?

The answers would be plentiful, if the questions were covered in the unanimous media that we have, to discuss the reasons, progress, consequences, and reactions to the attacks. Yet we know the power of single individuals in spreading the news with accuracy, intensity, and speed, based on our experience in 2013. Was this effort exerted then only because the incidents were in ─░stanbul? Was it because the bombs were exploding in Ankara and, again, ─░stanbul, that people feared for their security just two months ago? Are we seeing now a discrimination of big and small cities, that honors just the big ones with care, concern, and sorrow, even when similar scale of troubles disturb the rest? Then the sympathy we will generate in others is predestined to be only slight, because even we lack the solidarity to care about each other. It is called hypocrisy when one asks for something that he is not sparing for someone else.


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