The current Afghan generation

Afghanistan is a country simply known for suicide bombings, airstrikes, corruption, low security, skyrocketing unemployment rates, and overall, for being a low facilitated country. What everyone seems to disregard though, is the fact that we have a world of mysteries and hidden treasures within our nation. Quoting an Afghan proverb "Treasures are in the Ruins". If we look over the past decades before the civil war we would probably see Afghanistan and its people as the most modernized among Asian countries. What has brought us to the dark ages currently though, is the fact that we neither have good leaders, nor do we have good citizens.
Evidently, the twenty-first century is a socially, politically, economically and technologically evolutionary era for the world around us. However, our government is still busy with basic things like security and better governance; something that will perhaps take decades more to implement. I witness Afghans trying to flee abroad through illegal migration on a daily basis, most of whom belong to the younger generation. These are the very same individuals that can eventually strengthen our workforce, the one that we’re losing. Their reason behind migration is either insecurity or unemployment. 
On the other hand, youth groups have stood firmly to fight against the brain drain of their country and convince their countrymen not to leave, as Afghanistan needs them now more than ever before. Those fleeing are urged to invest their wealth on entrepreneurships or contribute in other similar ways instead.
It is vital to note that the young generation of Afghanistan is not comparable to the generation before the civil war or before the soviet invasion. We refuse to go backwards. We refuse to fight our own Afghan brother and sisters, regardless of whether they belong to the Tajik, Pashtoon, Hazara, Uzbek, or any other ethnicity. We are not going to fight against government, we will work with it. We are not going to be slaves of the warlords; we will not blindly follow their words. We are not going to destroy our homeland, but instead, we will have faith for a better future and we will work towards a more educated and sustainable developed country that will fulfill our children’s wishes. We are a generation that has had enough of struggles, and this is finally our time; our time to change an inconsistent history. 
We are a generation that will hold our government accountable. We are the generation that will reignite hope to our people in whatever way we can. Olympic medals, female cyclists and drivers, and simple things like publish display of affection may be the beginning of the smallest differences being made at the moment. But each and every day, we are getting closer to what ought to be normal and we will not let anyone stop us.
People travel to Afghanistan every day. When asked about their thoughts on Afghanistan, I have gotten amusing answers. When leaving, they long for everything and anything that is related to this country. From its organic food, to its culture and attractions. From its history to its nightlife---yes, nightlife. At the moment it may be a fantasy to some, but regardless of this nation still being labelled a “war zone”, and despite the atrocities Afghan citizens face daily, the young generation still finds a way to live what is arguably closest to a normal life. After a busy week of studying or working in their offices, the youngsters gather to spend quality time with their loved ones. The country has changed tremendously and is on its way to becoming a fully sustainable sovereign nation. The youth are committed to sacrificing all they have in order to serve and build their country. However, they need to be motivated more than ever before. And the key to that success, in my opinion, is through education and lower unemployment rates.

- Qayce 

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