Europe's first Owl bar opens in London

While we annoy each other with ugly dresses (BTW I SEE LIGHT BABY BLUE A' LA BLUMARINE AND DIRTY BROWNISH GOLD), more interesting international topics are surfacing the web. For example, there will be a temporary Owl bar in London later this month.
Modeled after the Japanese Owl cafes in Japan, the Soho version is going to host 6 owls, including Annie, the queen of the owl gang.

However, not everyone is happy with this. In fact, there is an ongoing petition on to stop the event from taking place, since it may cause stress to the animals, just to benefit humans. Which is plain cruel.
Even though I would love to spend an entire day sipping cocktails in a company of quiet creatures who understand and appreciate me (finally), I do agree that this is not the most favorable environment for these lil babies.
Ergo, if you agree with us sign here.

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