Sometimes, roaming from a website to another, I do bump into articles, videos or pictures that offend my persona, or my beliefs and values. What I usually do next is, close the window or scroll down. I move on. 

When earlier today I heard on the news about the attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices, I was speechless and heartbroken. As a Muslim, I refuse to accept this act. I refuse to accept any negative act done in name of religion. Which religion can be so savage? There's nothing about hatred in mine, let alone about killing and speading terror. 
This is not an act moved by religious creed. This is an act of pure vandalism, pure evil. And it's an attack to the liberté. But this ignorant act, made by someone who has absolutely no perception of love nor peace, two main pillars of our religion, once again shadows our culture and our faith.

To the filthy gunmen, there is nothing religious nor heroic in wearing a mask, carrying out inhuman actions and terrorizing a nation. 

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