Sia | Elastic Heart

I fancy Shia LeBeouf. I did since Even Stevens, I still do now that he does performance art and goes to film festivals with paper bag over his head. However, I still have a lot of difficulties in pronouncing his name. Oh well, unconditional love, right?
I also particularly dig (wow, it's been too long since I last used this word) Sia, the aussie singer that would rather not show her face to the public (if you're curious about this matter, you should def check this out). 
So what happens when these two, and the dancer from Sia's "Chandelier" Maddie Ziegler, team up? MAGIC, of course.
Maddie is still wearing the signature blonde bob, and Shia is sporting nude shorts. The two are seen playing/fighting, while trapped in a cage. There have been several accusations since yesterdays video release, stating the video recalls pedophilia. I don't think it does, I just see two actors doing their job.
The last silent seconds of the video are particularly intense.

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