A little bit of history

I know I never get personal, but today is different. Not alot of you know that I'm Afghan. Not "modern Afghan", "western Afghan" or "originary from Afghanistan". I'm just Afghan. Ok, true, I've never been in my home town, but I share the culture.
WAIT. What is Afghan culture? Long beards, young brides and depressed women, with no rights, wearing an old and dusty burqa? No, but that is what the media likes to share.
Anyway, I don't want to start an essay about this. Today 12 years ago the talibans fled from Kabul, and we all thought that was it. Yet problems still persist, the talibans are still ruining our country and women still don't have alot of freedom.
But did you know Afghan women were just like European women, before the war(s) started?
Here is a very interesting brief retrospective.

Queen Soraya of Afghanistan, 1928

Fashion show, 1970

Daughter of the King, 1969

Fashion designer Safia Tarzi in Kabul, 1969

Record store in Kabul, 1960

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