OTTANTA exhibition

If you live in the south Milan area, you have to check out this ├╝ber cool vernissage opening tonight, called Ottanta. It's the result of a project which involves artists and art professionals born between 1980 and 1990, with a strong connection with the city of Lodi.
During a 2-years research, 16 artists have been selected to exhibit their artworks, and have then been asked to suggest an international artist of their same age whose practice they found relevant. Through this second selection, completely different in terms of criteria, four European artists have been chosen to foster an interesting exchange throughout the exhibition, from the 13th September to the 26th October 2013.
Ottanta intends to measure the local contemporary art situation in a wider context, not merely self-oriented, but from a neutral point of view, nurturing both an international perspective and a local insight. The relationship between artists and the territory they belong to is often controversial: working outside their former city, in different spaces and context, like private galleries and museums, is another kind of experience
for an artist, one that does not offer the opportunity to be observed and interpreted from the same people who have been sharing places, roots and memories with them.
To this extent, for Ottanta’s artists, boundaries of art are not limited to the city, and not expanded to a worldwide dimension either, as with many national and international contemporary art contexts which encourage more an unvaried art production rather than an individual one.

See you tonight at Bipielle Arte gallery in Lodi!

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