#MFW: Chicca Lualdi BeeQueen SS 2014

Many times you've checked out an upcoming collection and even if it's stunning and breathtaking, you've wondered if you'd actually wear it, right? Happens to my all the time.
Except Chicca Lualdi's show. I started thinking "this is SO me" at the first outfit.. and continued thinking it for the rest of the collection. Everything was so neat, feminine and classy, very French Riviera style. A kind of elegance that doesn't need to be exagerated to stand out. And since I'm a former Gossip Girl freak, I have to say I saw alot of Blair Waldorf.
What I liked the most was the contrast between the light and innocent fabrics and the heavy and fierce accessorise, designed by brand Sweet Blood.
Plus, it all took place in an enchanted forest, with MIA as soundtrack.   / D O P E N E S S /

By the way, make-up and nails were perfect too! Guess who was helping the models out? None other than the Italian make-up queen Clio, one of the sweetest people I met during fashion week, and her Maybelline New York team. 

top: alberta ferretti / cardigan: mango / skirt: pamela / heels: gucci


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