5PM tea time with: Eleonora Carisi

I have had a fashion crush on Eleonora Carisi for a long time now, so it's time to share it with you commoners, too. Owner of the hippest shop in Turin, GRAZIA.IT contributor and well-known trendsetter, the IT girl takes some time off for us, between a trip and another.

Let's start off with your store, You Shop: How did it all begin?

8 years ago during my master in Marketing & Communication but I always loved the world of fashion in different ways.

Lately you have become the muse of a lot of streetstyle photographers. How do you feel about this?

I feel good of course. It's an honor for me to be an inspiration for other people. I just want to share my passions with everybody everyday. It makes me feel good and I want to feel good. By the way, one of my passions is photography so I love to be shoot around the street during my travels.

Tell us more about your brand What's Inside You.

What's Inside You is what is inside you, inside every woman, produced entirely in Italy by me. What's Inside You wants to embrace a wider audience, women who know what they want and are not afraid to express themselves in their different facets, different women every day, always unique .
Istarted 4 years ago and now it's growing up day by day with new collaborations for ss14.

What are the main things you keep inside your purse? 

Lipstick - digital camera - pink blush - candies.

In December you opened a temporary shop in Milan. Will that be happening again anytime soon, maybe in other cities too?

I would, but it's difficult. I cannot travel with all my stuff around the world. Maybe I could go around cities with a "You You" camper... I would love that!

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