5PM tea time with: CHIARA BIASI

BLOGGER TALK! That's right, new range of mini-interviews addressed to your favorite bloggers. We will start with the most talked about italian blogger, Chiara Biasi. Idol to many girls, not only because she knows how to dress to impress, but also due to the fact that she's down-to-earth. Plus, she created THE swimsuit everyone is fussing about this summer.

photography: Nima Benati
On your website we can find the quote "Don't call me fashion blogger". Can you tell us more about your statement?

It's because everyone keeps calling me fashion blogger.. But I'm honestly not. I don't talk about fashion, and I don't lay down the rules of the fashion industry. My blog is about my lifestyle.

This is your third capsule bikini collection in collaboration with brand Bikini Lovers. What do you think about this experience?

It came to life thanks to my ispiration and it's definitely one of the most beautiful and satisying experiences I ever had!

You share the italian bloggers podium with another well known Chiara. What do you think of her?

She's actually one of my dearest friends... And that's all I have to say.

Talking about fashion, who are the designers you admire the most?

I'm madly in love with two brands: Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy.

Any upcoming plans?

I'm going to move to Milan soon, and we'll see what happens there!

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