NEW ACTS // Lodi edition

 This projects aims to present you five girls living in my same city, with different visions, passions, styles, ages. What do they have in common? Ambition, which I consider to be the key to success.
So here are the new acts of Lodi, northern Italian city situated next to Milan. 

"I feel like an old fashioned lady, that's why I choose to do things in a different way: I prefer analog photography. For the last three years I have been taking pictures of the sky, wherever I go. I collected a series of these shots in a tumblr called I look at the sky; years later I found out that when you look at the sky, it's as you were "escaping". So it came almost natural to stop doing that, and start just looking around instead. But this didn't fulfil my artistic lust either. So during fall 2011, I decided to start yet another project, with my friend Giulia, called Le Manufattucchiere, which includes me sewing dresses and telling the story behind them with photos. Oh, and meanwhile, I'm a geology teacher."

"I'm an industrial design graduate and have acquired six years of experience in the fields of fashion design, graphics design and illustration. From a personal perspective I am that kind of person who wakes up every morning with a lust to apply her skills on whatever her imagination drags her to. I desire a world of continuous research from which to harvest a limitless amount of inspiration. Despite the fact that it’s hard for me to stay away from my computer, I'm really into drawing by pencil, too. I enjoy life and all that comes with it, travelling and new challenges, which are for sure a basic component of this job."

"I'm a political science student. Music and fashion are subjects I'm passionate about, but most of all I'm into  travelling and getting to know diverse cultures. That's one of the reasons I decided to join Lodi Città Aperta, an organizazion which aim is to promote multiculturalism and help locals accept foreigners, and viceversa, by trying to find out what are the problems at the basis of immigration issues. I love what we are doing with this project, mainly because we are very young, yet determinate to raise our voice."

"I'm a high student and, most of all, a fashion lover. I also adore interior design, art and animals but, above all, the different styles peple have. That's why I decided I wanted to have something to do with it. Though I used to publish photos on social networks like facebook and instagram, day by day I started considering those spaces too “narrowed” for me, so I decided to create a fashion blog, called Around My Style. The title refers to the fact that I consider it a space in which I share my style and everything regarding it, which indeed floats around it."

"Against the odds, I'm a girl and I play football. I do all kind of sports, such as judo, boxing, tennis, badminton and ice-skating (which got me to nationals), but football is my reason for living. I used to play it with guys, but I now play in an all-girls team called Real QCM and I love everything about it, especially the team game. I like collaborating and group effort in general, also applied to everyday life, like simply baking a cake with friends. If I'm not on the field, or hanging out with my friends, you can easily find me at San Siro stadium, cheering for my favorite team, Inter."

acts: Costanza Scacchi, Judy Rhum, Susan Amini, Camilla Cicorella, Ylenia Garbelli.
make-up: Sara Scotti
photography: Elle


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