The Zombie Kids for The Neon Hamburger

Artists, MTV EMA winners, club organizers, party harders. The Zombie Kids seem to have it all, especially tats and style. Let's have a little talk with these Spanish creatures.

The Spanish club scene is well known all around the world, but the country lacks in internationally known artists. Do you think Zombie Kids can fix this issue?

We are actually on it. I do not understand how this issue is even possible. Spain has the best clubs, dopest festivals and THE party island, Ibiza. So it is quite strange to not have proper local artists in the electronic music industry who are internationally known. We are all into football here, and known for it all around the world. I hope we can do something like that with Spainish electronic music, too. 

You sometimes perform in two, three or even in a bigger group. Who exactly is part of the Zombie Kids? And how are you affiliated to the famous "Zombie Club" in Madrid?

 Actually TZK is a huge crew. It's me Jay, Edgar, IKKi , Aqeel, MBaka, Mc Ambush, and bunch of other guys working with us… We travel and tour in two or more depending on the location and logistic issues. On the other hand, we have been promoting Zombie Club in Madrid for 3 years now. We started doing parties in small places on Wednesday nights and we ended up doing parties every week on Friday nights, with nearly 2000 people . Dj's as Skrillex and Hardwell had the opportunity to play at Zombie Club and had a great time, but we also try booking local upcoming artists, to hopefully build a Madrid music scene similar, as as the ones in Paris, London or Tokyo.  

 Where do you get the inspiration when creating new beats?

Inspiration is everywhere. Music is changing the whole time, it's like a clock , circling around different beats and styles. Plus, we all have different backgrounds. I used to be a techno dj, Edgar comes from a hardcore band and Aqeel is a soul/funk singer from LA. We like to mix tastes and get new point of views during studio times.. And then Ikki joins in, finishing up the produced material. 

You have also worked with photographer Mark Hunter, aka The Cobra Snake. How did this collaboration take place?

He's s a friend we met a long time ago in LA. He sometimes shows up in our club in Madrid to take some pictures when he is travelling around Europe. We got a chance to do a Zombie Kids shooting as well. 

Last November you won "Best Spanish Artist" award at MTV’s 2012 EMA Awards. How do you feel in fulfilling so much in just a few years?

Trying to cut out some space on our calendar for studio sessions, promo, etc. is a 24/7 job but we are used to it now. And it's a fact that winning an MTV award obviously motivates you. We love doing what we do and when we see this kind of results, it definitely makes us feel really blessed. 

BTW: Their first international show took place right here in Milan, three years ago. The show was so insane that the guys ended up at the Police station. Gotta love 'em <3

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