D E N A for The Neon Hamburger

 New Kitsunè prodigy Denitza Todorova, alias DENA, reminds of everything cool. Her new track  "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools" will make you fall in love with, but let's stalk her a little first.

We are addicted to "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools". Tell us about the process of writing this song.

It was written on a cold winter night, when reaching my personal limits of longing for summer and warmth. This might sound a little bit too simple, but it's true. It's a tune about wanting something that you can't have, which for some may be good weather, for others money or diamond rings, and for third something completely else. It's about materialistic vs. non-materialistic things and conditions, that can lead to one's soul-satisfaction. I wanted to work with certain symbols of success, exaggerate and invert them. Technically I was interested in the principal of canon-singing and looping word-layers on top of eachother.

How do you feel about your new collaboration with Kitsunè?

It's great, they are a very cool label, I am happy to work with them!

Your outfits are very unique. Where do you get the inspiration for your style?

I am pretty much into colours, shapes and patterns. I love to kick it spontaneous and surprise myself, the weather and the city outside. The combination between unaffordable fashion pieces and any possible reproductions of those inspires me. Basically the exploration of the space between original and fake.

You moved from Bulgaria to Berlin. In your opinion, what are the main differences between your home country and Germany, according to the music scene?

The scene here is way more diverse and is not run by one monopoly company. It's basically incomparable, dimension-wise and creatively. But the rhythmical counting here in Berlin is a bit different, and there is way too much techno going on, so in certain ways, the Bulgarian scene with its balkan-inspired vibes is more interesting to me.

What is your favourite spot in Berlin?

My neighborhood Kreuzberg and the studio.

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