Nia Peeples for The Neon Hamburger

You may know her from Fame, or you may know her from popular show Pretty Little Liars so Nia Peeples needs no presentation. Proud mom, wife, actress, singer and dancer, she took the time to have a chat with us, too. 

Your most internationally known role was Nicole Chapman in "Fame". Did you music career take off there? 

Yes it did! Because of Fame I was offered a record deal with Mercury Polygram.

Your son is also entering the music industry. Do you think he was influenced by your passion for the arts?
I think my son, Chris Hayzel, is his own artist. He was born this way. But I do believe how he honors his gift was definitely influenced by the way I honor mine. It was a very important consideration when raising him.

Tell us more about your project, called "Elements of life".
Elements of Life is my passion. I love sharing things I learn, things I have, etc. It’s a site dedicated to helping people discover and have faith in their own unique beauty. That beauty includes their talents and passions. I built the site as a gift to everyone who might gain some inspiration from it.

"Pretty Little Liars", hit show you are currently starring in, is going to hit italian flagship television soon. Can you tell us more about the role you play?
PLL is a show about four teenage girls who are being tormented and continually set up by someone known only as “A.” I play the mother of one of those teenage girls. In the first season, my character is very much not like me: strict, controlling, and conservative. She is forced to go through some major changes. So stay tuned!

You have italian roots. Do you travel often to italian cities?

I travel to Italy every other year to perform. Last year, I performed a beautiful show in Parma with some cast members of Fame. It was amazing!

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