William Beckett interview for The Neon Hamburger

What happens when you are part of a successful band and you decide to go "solo"? William Beckett tells us about the evolution of his career, and how he managed to keep it real.

Tell us more about your trilogy of EP's released this year.

 At the beginning of the year I had this concept of writing about the lifespan of a relationship.  Chronicling from the time you meet someone and begin the relationship, on to as things get more serious and more complicated as it gets more difficult to keep it together.  Instead of dumping 12 songs on people I decided to break it up into 3 "episodes" if you will, releasing one every 3 months.  Now that all of them have been released, they are meant to be listened to as a collection.

We all know you from your band "The Academy Is...", which you abandoned last year. How did your life change after it? What was the fandom's reaction?

When I made the decision to end the band, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish as a solo artist.  Life has been very busy since then.  I've been in the studio or on tour all year, which isn't really a new thing for me.  However I feel the freedom of being able to do it on my terms.  The fans have been amazing.  I believe that WB fans are the best in the world.

 The entire process of writing, recording and playing your music by yourself is a big change. You probably enjoy it more, but it's also about taking risks. How did you embrace this new freedom?

 I've really been able to get into a comfort zone while on tour, strangely enough.  I've also found solace in the studio as well.  I'm able to truly follow my instincts in writing and producing without having to second guess my every move.  Its been quite refreshing and has served to heighten my creativity.

The genre has changed too. How did you go from the pop-punk sound that teenagers love, to this new alternative and mature style of music?

Its really simple.  I make music that I'd listen to.  My tastes have changed and evolved over the years, much like most artists do.  However, starting a new path in my career at this point enables me to fully embrace the kind of music I want to make without the guise of what I've done before, or what people expect to hear.  Its a brand new start.

 Looking at how fast you are working, will we see the new album coming out soon? Hopefully followed by a tour in Italy. 

I'm currently making my plans for next year.  More music.  More touring.  And hopefully with any luck be able to get out and tour Europe.

Interview by Elle

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