Il Pagante interview for The Neon Hamburger

Some friends get together to do just nothing in particular. Others can have fun while producing music, without pressure, deadlines or tasks. And end up having their music become the ultimate prom soundtrack. Let's get to know Alfredo Tomasi, Guglielmo Panzera and Giordano Cremona.

Nowadays alot of people expose their talent on youtube, and eventually get to the desired fame. Is that the reason you guys started in the first place?

I guess that more than exposing our talent on youtube, this project was born with the desire to discredit who indeed wanted to reach popularity on the web. We actually realized that even without any particular talent, it is not that hard to get yourself talked about on internet, and most of the time this achievement is considered as a success by the web community.

There is a flow of DJs right now in the music industry. In your opinion, what does it get to be a good one and stand out?

DJing nowadays is a really over-used word and we think it's quite funny to see so many young people who think they actually are djs. It almost seems that it only needs to stock on new native instruments gadgets and check beatport daily to become a successful dj. Probably the majority of these young guys approaching to the world of club/music/disco doesn't really know what "djing" or "clubbing" means.

As young artist, do you have producers and managers helping you out in this journey? Or do you prefer trying to do it all by your own?

We produce songs ourselves as well as running each aspect of the project, from the video directing to the management. Actually we go with our gut! We are not artist, we just want to make people indigent about the decay of the music culture.

Are there any shows planned for the new season?

We decided together not to host any other show or live exhibition. What sense it would have to promote ourself like performers while we feel more like rebels in this sector?

Describe the current music industry in one word.


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