Digitalism interview for The Neon Hamburger

 We all know Digitalism, the electro house duo from my beloved Germany. But let's get to know Jens Moelle and Isi Tüfekçi better! Even though they had the busiest schedule ever, we got the chance to have a little chat with them while on tour in Italy.

Your latest single "Technorama", from the album Miami Noize Vol 3, doesn't recall your usual elecro-dance, but something stronger. Will your next album go in this new direction?

We honestly don't know - 'Technorama' has been around for a while already and we couldn't fit it into the context of our second album. Miami Noize was a perfect platform for it! We always go back and forth between our musical two main poles, techno and indie. This is obviously our harder side. You know, we get bored with things quite easily, so maybe after our last album has been more song-based, the next music coming up from us will be the opposite? We like surprising people.

 Tell me more about your special relationship with Japan. I know you guys are astonished by the country, so much you even have special editions of your albums released only in Japan.

That's correct. Since we started, we've been to Japan a lot of times, and we always had great reactions and great gigs there. We love the food, and we also have a lot of friends there. That's also why last year's incident for us felt like it was right next door. We wanted to give something back, that's why our last album got a special Japanese edition and a dedication, and we came over three times last year. We don't know why, but Japan is very unique. You guys are awesome (*pointing at Japan*).

I'm also aware of Jens' photography skills, especially the sunset pictures. Can you tell us more on how this passion started? 

We've been travelling all our lives, and when you get the chance to do that, you should at least capture all those moments. A few years ago Jens upgraded from a small point-and-shoot cam to an SLR, and it became pretty much a passion. It's cool to have those very quiet photos taken on tour, they are the complete opposite of what touring as a band and all the backstage madness is like.


Is your kind of music popular in your hometown Hamburg?

We had a slow start at the beginning, but eventually Germany - and Hamburg - became pretty big for us and now people are going crazy. They didn't know us back then, because there was no real scene for our kind of music, and because our label was based in Paris, we spent a lot of time there and playing abroad. Gladly this has changed, and now playing in Hamburg doesn't only mean all our friends are coming, it's also 'normal people', which is great. We guess our type of music has become a very global thing.
Something we Italians are obsessed with: Style. Where do you find ispiration for your immaculate style? And how much do you think it's important in the music industry?

Style is important for your profile. It can help making it sharper and adding another dimension to what you want to express. Style is a statement. If you don't care about it, that's a statement, too.

Last but not least, are you planning to come back to Italy soon?

Haha we've just done a full tour through Italy in April, we played our new live show in a few cities, and it was awesome!! We'll certainly be back soon.

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